Student Rewards

Chill swag to say #tyvm

Students who fundraise online through their personal Fundhub page have a chance to earn some chill CDOY swag!

There are many great ways to raise money for CDOY that will help a charity in your community: bake sale, fundraising door to door, selling paper snowflakes, and digging between the couch cushions for spare change. However, the reward section applies only to those who register to fundraise online through a personal Fundhub page.

How it works

About Online Fundraising

Participants have more success fundraising online! In fact, online fundraisers more than double on average. For students, this means reaching their fundraising goals sooner, and feeling great about helping the hungry, hurting, and homeless in their community.

It is a safe way for students to collect donations: Online giving erases the concerns about youth carrying a lot of cash or going door-to-door in neighborhoods without parental involvement. It's also a secure way for students to collect donations from friends and family across the globe. If participants wish to go door-to-door or have people who prefer to give you cash, the funds can be record it on a pledge sheet and entered online. (Studens will need your parents help to verify it with a credit card.)

It is more advantageous for schools: When students collect their donations online, less time is spent by teachers collecting money and tracking student progress. Schools and students are able to see the progress toward their goal in real-time on the website!

It is more efficent for donors: It’s a seamless and efficient way for donors to give. When someone gives online, they are emailed an electronic tax receipt immediately.

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