School Basics

Your school WALK day is something to celebrate!

That's the day your school (and many more across Canada) will participate in the first-ever Coldest Day of the Year.

CDOY is a new school fundraising walk-a-thon held in February or March 2020 that helps schools raise money for a local charity serving hungry, homeless, and hurting families, youth, and individuals in your community.

An hour walking outside on a cold winter's day will give students a hint of the challenge faced by those experiencing homelessness. Students will also become aware of poverty-related issues in their community, and enjoy a fun physical activity.

Why do schools join?
  • Need: There are families and kids in your town that need help. Some of those kids could be right in your school. CDOY raises money to be used in your community to support families, youth, and individuals struggling with homelessness.
  • Buzz: CDOY is a fun, healthy, and compassionate winter event that your whole school can rally around and support.
  • Easy: Walking is an accessible option for most students, and we make organizing your walk simple and straightforward.
  • Local: Your school can rally around an active local charity serving hungry, homeless, and hurting families, youth and individuals in your community. Each local charity is vetted and approved by Blue Sea Foundation.
  • Accountable: The money raised flows to your selected local charity as a grant - each charity is accountable and reports on the use of those funds annually.
  • Leadership: Student leaders that you select can form an organizing team to help host the event, supported by your school leadership.
  • Canadian: Your school will be part of something uniquely Canadian, joining hands with schools from across Canada, generating local support in a national event.
  • Values: There is no fee or minimum donation. Fundraising is encouraged of course, but so is student compassion and participation.
What do schools do?

When a school signs up to host a Coldest Day of the Year event, their primary task is to rally their class or school to host a one hour (about 2 km) walk-a-thon in February or March 2020.

We provide an online detailed how-to-guide for organizers. Key principles include:

  • Team up: You need one adult leader and a group of supporting students on a team to lead.
  • Plan your walk: Think about where your students can walk on or around your school property for an hour.
  • Promote and enjoy: Brainstorm ways to talk about the cause, how it might affect your school or community, and how you can encourage students to participate.
  • Fundraise and smile: Encourage students or classes to register online or use a pledge sheet to collect donations.
  • Finish up: When the event is over, gather up your cash, cheques, pledge sheets, and results. Fill out a simple form summarizing those materials, and send it back to the CDOY headquarters for processing and celebration.
What do schools get?

So you're thinking you might join... and you're wondering, "What will my school get to support our campaign if we sign up?"

Good question! Participating schools are supported by our helpful CDOY Team, and each school will receive the following:

  • Campaign Kit: A sweet box of campaign fun to help you rally your class or school - posters, buttons, bookmarks, tattoos, and other goodies that say WOW!
  • School Guide: An online guide that tells you how to have a safe and fun event.
  • Campaign Tools: An array of tools to help your CDOY be successful and meaningful.
  • Fundraising Ideas: We've got great student fundraising help, and a big list of fun school-based fundraising ideas too.
  • Lesson Plans: Coming in early January! We're working on some lesson plans as we speak.
Got questions about The Coldest Day of the Year? | 1.877.743.3413