Door-to-Door Fundraising

Coldest Day of the Year strongly encourages online fundraising using our Fundhub. If an underage student wishes to fundraise door-to-door, CDOY requires a guardian or parent to accompany them at all times.


Coldest Day of the Year is inclusive and welcoming of all staff and students who wish to participate. While CDOY is a fundraiser, we strongly encourage schools to adopt an encouraging and recognizing tone around the event. Applaud effort, enthusiasm, leadership, team, and classroom results. Our public online scoreboard will highlight school totals and charity totals only.

Other Charities or Events

CDOY does not permit the addition of, or partnering with, other similar fundraising events in the same semester. There are lots of great events out there, but it's smart to concentrate on running only one event at a time.


All fundraised money raised during your CDOY event must be submitted to us at the conclusion of your event. Schools are not permitted to use any raised funds to cover expenses associated with CDOY.


Coldest Day of the Year and CDOY are the property of Blue Sea Foundation, and no use of its brand or name may be used without permission.

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