Letter to Parents

January 2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you sincerely for supporting the many fundraisers in your school throughout the academic year, and for letting your great kid participate in Coldest Day of the Year!

CDOY is an opportunity for your student (and their classmates) to support their community, while also learning about real local poverty-related issues.

By being outside in the cold for about an hour and taking part in the activities of the event, they'll get a hint of the challenges that face families, youth, and individuals experiencing homelessness in their town. Sadly, there are many facing those circumstances across Canada.

So that's why we say that CDOY is a "little walk for a big problem." After walking, they'll appreciate the warmth of their school and home, and may just become a little more aware of some of the need around them. They will enjoy the experience of helping others - and who knows, you may even see a burst of gratitude for what they have!

Many thanks for your support.


The CDOY Team


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