5 Fundraising Ideas

Try one of these on for size - click one of those plus signs to read more.

The Classic

Here's how this works. You go door-to-door, shake hands, say thank you, and just ask for a toonie. Next!

No question, this takes some bravery. But once you get out there, you’ll be surprised how willing people are to help out. Careful - ask your parent(s) for permission and bring them along with you.

  • Win: It’s hard to say no to a kid standing at your door. Go get 'em tiger.
  • Lose: You have to actually speak to people face to face. Also, it’s cold out there.
The Family Circus

Got a big family? 15 siblings? Your dad calls all his friends your “Uncle” for some reason? Perfect. Crack open your email and spread the news.

Family, whether near or far, can be an awesome source of help and encouragement when it comes to fundraising - this might be the one for you.

  • Win: Your list of people to ask pretty much writes itself.
  • Lose: If your siblings are also fundraising, you have to move fast to get to rich aunt Leslie first.
The Friendly Neighbourhood Fundraiser

Get your boots on! This one is door-to-door, but instead of just asking, offer to do a job for your neighbours (like shoveling their driveway, or walking their dog) in exchange for a donation.

Careful - ask your parent(s) for permission on this one too. Let them double-check your list of who you should ask.

  • Win: People love not having to shovel their driveway. It's like free money.
  • Lose: More of that face-to-face stuff. Plus, you'll actually have to do all that work.
Mo' Metres, Mo' Money

A cool way to raise money is to ask people to donate a certain amount for every kilometre (or metre if you’re lucky) you walk.

Get a couple grandparents down for $10/km and you’ll hit your goal in no time! (Especially if you surprise them by walking 10K…)

  • Win: It’s cool and motivating to tie how far to you walk to how much you raise, and people like to encourage that.
  • Lose: Stopping after just a few minutes of walking isn’t really an option.
The Top Ten Campaign

Identify ten specific donors you want to ask. Your job is to personally go after each one, but intentionally limit your list to just ten people. Resist the urge to ask anyone else, unless they can legitimately bump one of the others off of your list.

All you have to do is grab a pad of paper (or thumb through your phone contacts) and write down your top 10 list. Remember: People like supporting people they know, so your top 10 should only include people you know!

Favourite top 10 candidates include...

  • 1. You (Always give to your own campaign if you can)
  • 2. Mom (Ask her during the day)
  • 3. Dad (Ask him after Mom goes to bed)
  • 4. Grandparents (See #2 and #3 above)
  • 5. Sibling$ (They owe you for all the mean things they did to you growing up)
  • 6. Boss (Sure, you are only in grade 5 but who knows. If you have one ask, or maybe your parent(s) boss.)
  • 7. Friends (The ones who like you especially)
  • 8. Extended family (Uncle so-and-so always liked you - why not ask him?)
  • 9. That guy you know, what's his name... in gym class (Ask a few folks you smile at in the hallway who aren't friends but who you know)
  • 10. Bill Gates (Ask one really rich person you know - it's worth a shot)

  • Win: This campaign helps you focus your efforts. You don't have to ask dozens of friends - just a few faves.
  • Lose: You may be limiting your fundraising success. But hey, if this approach gets you going, that's all that matters. Enjoy!
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