Fundraising 101

Student Fundraising, the CDOY Way

Now that you have registered, set your fundraising goal, and updated your personal fundraising page, it's time to begin fundraising!

Step 1: Understand Your Why

The money you and your friends raise will help a variety of families, youth and individuals in your community. This includes youth struggling to find a place to live, or moms and dads battling to house and feed their families. When you understand who you are helping, you'll fundraise better. (Read more about who CDOY is helping.)

Step 2: Setup Your Fundraising Page

Your personal fundraising page is where donors will go to give to you online. Make it even better by writing a short message to explain why you're walking, and upload a picture of you while you're at it! Login to Fundhub and click on profile to get started on this.

Step 3: Write Your Fundraising Email

Take a few minutes and write the email you'll send to each donor personally. Use our donor email templates in the FundHub for inspiration, and remember to include the link to your personal fundraising page so they can respond online.

Your email should explain...

  • What you're doing: "I'm walking in the cold for an hour or so in March."
  • Why you're doing it: "To help hungry, homeless and hurting families in my community."
  • How they can help: "By donating to support me as I walk through the snow."
  • Where they can help: Include the link to your personal fundraising page, or remind them to give by cheque/cash donation. You can tally that donation up on a pledge sheet and enter it online in your FundHub.

Step 4: Make a List of Potential Donors

Once your email is done, take a few minutes to make a list of potential donors you could ask. Here's a quick list to help you brainstorm below:




Ask your parents, step-parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters.

Ask your #BFF, the friend you walk to school with, and the dude who sits behind you in French. We bet you know lots of friends to ask.

Yup, like the nice couple who live beside you, your swimming instructor, bus driver, piano teacher, or coach. They are all good potential people to ask.

Step 5: Please and Thank You!

When asking your friends and family to donate to your walk, remember to say please! That's just good manners, right? And of course, remember to thank them profusely when they do support you.

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