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Who receives a tax receipt?

  • Any online donations of $20 or more with a valid email generates a charitable receipt, which is delivered by email within minutes of the donation.
  • Cash or cheque donations of $20 or more with a valid email will be receipted via email after the event.
  • Cash or cheque donations of $20 or more without an email address but with a valid mailing address will be receipted by post after the event.
  • Please make all cheques payable to Coldest Day of the Year.

Can I pay cash donations by credit card?

Yes. Once you've recorded your cash donations online in your Fundhub ("Enter $$ + Cheques"), just:

  • Sign into your Fundhub
  • Click Enter $$ or Cheques
  • Scroll down to list of pledges and click the pay button next to the cash pledge you want to pay. This will take you to a payment gateway to complete the transaction.

Can I add my cash or cheque donations to my thermometer?

Yes! Login to your Fundhub page, click "Enter $$ or Cheques" from the left side menu, and enter in each pledge, one by one. Carefully type in the details of your donations, including an email address if you have it.

Note: Email addresses are used exclusively to send tax receipts electronically at the end of the event. It helps CDOY do the most with its time and resources.

When do donors get receipts?

Online donors who give securely with their credit cards get e-receipts within 24 hours of their donations.

Donors who give cheques or cash are receipted within 100 days of the event by email or post, provided their donation is $20 or over and we have received a full mailing address for their donation.

I see a charge from Blue Sea on my credit card statement - is that you?

Yes! Blue Sea Foundation is the registered Canadian foundation who operates CDOY, along with its sister event, Coldest Night of the Year.

Who do cheques get made out to?

Make all cheques payable to Coldest Day of the Year being sure to write the name of the walker or school you are supporting on the memo line.

Where do I get a pledge form?

CDOY pledge forms can be found on our TOOLS page. As well, a pledge form is sent to each participant automatically when you register online.

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