Event Day

You've rallied your friends, classmates, peers and school... now it's time to walk!

Event Day will be special for your students and school community. Here are a few suggestions to make it great...


Route Setup

To mark off your route on your school property, consider using water-based biodegradable spraypaint. Available at most equipment rental business, drawing some big arrows on the ground with this paint (especially at key corners and intersections) would add some flair and fun to your route.

Most schools have safety cones, and we'd suggest placing them along your route as well. It helps both direct walkers and marking off distances.

Route Cheerleaders

Station some students and staff cheerleaders along your route to encourage, clap, and make noise for your walking students. Bring some cowbells or sleighbells from home to add to the volume and the fun.

Talk + Launch

Opening Ceremonies

Whether you are a single class or an entire school, spend a few minutes before you head out to walk to:

  • Gather together - the buzz of event day is in standing together just before heading out and feeling the pride in yourself and your school. Enjoy!
  • Celebrate all that your school has accomplished together both in participation and fundraising.
  • Applaud the impact of your great effort on the local charity you are walking for. If the timing is right, they might be able to be there with you too.
  • Send them off with high fives and applause while reminding them to be safe, look after each other, and above all, have a (snow) ball!
Loud + Proud

We Canadians tend to encourage everyone to walk quietly in a row so ensure order and safety. We say yes to safety, but no to that reserved and quiet part.

Here are some ideas for making your walk fun(ner). Yes, we know some of them will be too childish for high school walks - maybe they'll enjoy them ironically. We're just going to throw them out here anyway:

  • The Rope: For one lap, have everyone grab onto a long rope like we used to do when we were in preschool. (Try to avoid breaking out into a tug-a-war.)
  • Backwards, Uphill: If there's snow on the ground, try walking backwards for part of a lap. Be wise - if it's too risky, skip it.
  • Four Across: For one lap, have your students break into fours and walk with arms around each other's shoulders.
  • Skipping: Rev up the heart rate by getting everyone to skip for a lap. While you're at it, why not have them hold hands?
  • Sing-a-long: Pick a song that pretty much everybody knows and have them belt it out for a lap. Bonus points for dance moves.
  • Conga Line: Have you ever enjoyed a conga line at a wedding? Bingo, get the kids to do one long conga, or break into classes and have a conga race. There's lots of fun conga music on YouTube - bring along a boombox and blast it out.
  • Silent Vigil: Near the end of your walk, you could stop students and huddle up to ask them to take the final lap in silence so they can think about the cause they're walking for. It will help them connect to why they are walking. For example, "Imagine if you had no home, no family or friends to even let you borrow their couch. Let's walk this last lap in silence, thinking about those in our community who struggle to find shelter and support each night."
Pics + Hashtags


Select a couple of potential volunteer picture-taking folks and encourage them to:

  • Focus on the action: Take pics of people walking, skipping, dancing, and cheering.
  • Change angles often: Try taking them from lots of different perspectives - on a hill, through a tree, over a fence, etc. Be adventurous.
  • Woohoo: It's okay to prompt people to cheer or say cheese - they'll look better and thank you later.
  • Close-ups are cool: Balance your shot selection to include some sweet close-ups.


You'll likely take a lot of pictures on your event day. Be sure to tag them with our official #cdoy20 hashtag so we can all connect together and appreciate your fundraising efforts.


Play some music as you walk! Here's a sweet list of songs that you can play at different times for different reasons:

Pump It Up

Play these songs to get things going on the front end.

  • coming soon

Quiet It Down

Consider using these songs during quiet moments when you want to focus on the cause. (These aren't for all student audiences.)

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