Quick Start

Are you ready to embrace the cold?

There are people in your city that need your help. The good news is that there are local charities already helping those families, youth and individuals directly... and that's who we're walking and fundraising for together

1. Register online first!

Once your school has signed up, you can register online. Once you're registered, you'll have your very own personal fundraising page where you can:

2. Print your pledge sheet

Before the internet, people used ask their friends for donations and write it all down manually on a paper sheet. Well, guess what? That still works! Download a pledge sheet here.

3. Share your care!

Please follow Coldest Day of the Year on Instagram and tag #cdoy20 on anything CDOY-related, so we can all stay connected.

4. Learn About Fundraising

Take a peek at our fundraising help page to learn the basics of good asking. We've also collected a few fun, low-pressure ideas that will help your campaign here.

Got questions about The Coldest Day of the Year?
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