About the Event

A little walk for a big problem.

The Coldest Day of the Year is a new fundraising walk-a-thon. In February and March schools raise money for a pre-approved local charity serving hungry, homeless, and hurting families in your community.

By walking outside for an hour on a winter's day, students, staff, and supporters will feel a hint of the challenge faced by those experiencing homelessness. And by fundraising, you'll be supporting a charity in your town that is bringing hope and help to people in your community.


February or March 2020


Each CDOY is hosted by a school, on school property, during school hours.


Students walk for up to an hour outside, navigating a safe walking route around their school. Routes are usually 2 kms in length.


Students register online to fundraise and/or use a pledge sheet individually or as a class.


Each school selects the best time, between February 1st and March 15th, to host the event.


CDOY is student-friendly for all grades, as decided by each school.


There is no cost or fee to participate in CDOY for any student.


Students are very much encouraged to fundraise! While fundraising success matters, the more important success is found in working together towards the school goal and gaining a deeper understanding of homelessness and poverty.


Every participating school selects their local CDOY-approved charity for which to fundraise. Proceeds are distributed to each charity by cheque within 90 days of the event. Read more here.

About Blue Sea

Coldest Day of the Year is operated by Blue Sea Foundation (formerly known as Blue Sea Philanthropy). Blue Sea believes in the power of charities to make the world better. Our vision is to see a more generous world where charities thrive.

We are a registered charity with the CRA, and you may already know us from our three other national events in support of social service charities in Canada:

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